My Story

janeportrait Color.v2Green beauty fanatic. Registered Nurse. Holistic living engineer. Passionate about educating others. Providing tools and encouragement to help people change their lives through health and lifestyle changes is what motivates me everyday to get up in the morning. I work with clients to ensure they are addressing several key aspects of their lives to holistically treat the entire person, not just a symptom. I understand everyone is unique, with their own genetic and environmental variability and we work together to optimize your health and wellness. My mission is to help remove barriers and educate you on how to make all of this happen so you can live your most vivid life!

In school, I was taught that treating symptoms with medications was the way to manage health problems. In my early 20’s, I found a lump in my breast. Six months and two surgeries later, I received a diagnosis of pre-cancerous tissue. At the time, I was on low-fat, “healthy” diet, slept late, exercised once a week and went out every weekend. The time it took to notice a decline in my health since the surgeries was rapid—within months, I felt easily stressed, fatigued in the day and wired at bedtime, bloated, constipated, and never felt well rested. It never occurred to me that my diet and lifestyle could have an effect on all the things that were happening to me. After many years of going to see doctors, having several procedures done with no real answers, medical professionals tell me that everything was “normal,” I decided to research everything about health so I could make myself better. It took me a few years before I figured out what really worked for me and I worked with a Functional Medicine practitioner to help me find my way. I wish now, back in my early 20’s, I knew someone who could have armed me with the information I know now. My hope is to pass on this information to others, empower and encourage them to maintain and sustain these changes, and restore their vitality. Don’t let yourself think “I’m getting old, and that’s why I’m having x, y, and z.” My mother is 63 years old and can run circles around any 21 year old!

The human body is amazingly resilient and has the potential to heal itself when given the proper environment to thrive. Your health and wellness goals can be reachable and maintainable-don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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